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3D Experience

Visualize and live the immersion in history through research and computer graphics.

Arkheo, in collaboration with Lambert Tourisme, offers an exclusive, unusual and unique experience. More than a guided tour, it's an immersive experience at a chosen time that your audience has never experienced before.

The multidisciplinary ARKHEO team has unique know-how.

It brings together specialists, archaeologists, heritage architects, historians, topographers who work in unison with graphic designers specialized in architecture, reconstruction and 3D visualization.

The team adopts a scientific approach relying exclusively on historical sources.

Concept & Goals


Visualization of ancient heritage, archaeological and historical research data thanks to the computer generated image.


Share our passion and our know-how for History, Archeology, Architecture through stories of history ...


To transmit and make available the fruits of archaeological and historical research to the greatest number.


Collaborate with researchers on research and development of archaeological and historical research.

3D visualization of historical evidence and the reconstruction of the ancient heritage disappeared based on discoveries from research and collaboration between researchers.

Production of films mixing 3D sequences, video sequences with figuration. The educational nature of these films adds a cinematographic and emotional dimension.

Virtual reality tour with helmets, accompanied by a soundscape that immerses the visitor in a graphically realistic image mixing reconstitution and evocation of the past.

Discover an immersive experience in a street of the late Middle Ages.

Our 3D tours

Le Bono



Middle Ages

Sainte-Anne d'Auray

Second Empire

Each project is the result of months of research, production and replenishment.

New projects are under study and achievements.

For any request for guided tours or 3D projects,

contact us.

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